This is what Marylyn had to say about her grandparents. “I always felt bad that she [her mother] had such a sad childhood, and that her Dad was so abusive – i.e, – if she made a mistake playing the piano, he’d smack her knuckles with a ruler. She once had a beautiful singing voice  and her father, Otto, yelled at her one time—among many other times—telling her that she was late for her daily singing lesson.   She’d finally had enough and yelled back at him “No Daddy, I will never sing another note”!  And, although she said she sang well before, the affirmation was enough to make her ‘tone-dea..’  So she lived up to it although she could still play the piano!. Who knows what drove him to be so domineering.  Fear of losing control or his value? Mom was afraid of him. [In later years] Mom and her parents were anathema.”


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