HOMES – 1970s-80s

This was Mary Astor’s last home.  Marylyn said of it, “The Motion Picture Country Home is located in the San Fernando Valley in Calabasas just outside of L.A. and was very well kept and beautifully landscaped.  Mom had her own little cottage there with her personal belongings for 12-13 years.  The cottage was a nice little one-room with bed, her desk and work area, a couch, and some bookshelves, and a potty and bathtub in a separate room. She ate in the common dining room but not with others.  She had her own table.  Mom used to say she didn’t like to sit with others in the dining room because they would all be giving ‘organ recitals’—my kidney this, my bladder did that, my eyes this, my heart that.  She told me that couldn’t “stand all those old people.”  My funny Mom.”


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