This what Marlyn sad about herself as a child.  “An ‘attention getter’.  If I were my own mother I could never have put up with myself.  I was all over the place, and talked too much and always ‘acting’. I was such a little ‘actress’ when I was kid.  I imitated some actresses and Daddy would always ask me, “What/who are you being now”?  I  use ‘being’ now with my great-grandkids.”  And today, “It’s supposed to be exciting being a movie-star’s daughter.  I always laugh when I say that, because I care so little for that kind of life.  I’m a practical, no-frills, no BS lady. The way I’m living now, it’s amazing to think I was part of that movie ‘family’ they talk about and that Mom went through.    That huge house my grandpa bought, with five servants is the antithesis of my lifestyle.  I’m usually dressed in jeans and a tee or sweat shirt with moccasin shoes. Most of my clothes are hand-me-downs from my girls or from a thrift store.  As long as I’m clean and comfy, that’s fine with me. I still wear makeup; my one vanity.”


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