HOMES – 1940s


Mary Astor wrote about the San Remo Drive House in “My Story.  “It was a great Georgian house, with white pillars and a portico, set back from the street among lovely old shrubs and trees—a jacaranda and a cork tree and many deodars. The design was formal: a large living room and dining room, each with a fireplace, and divided by an entrance hall with a fine sweeping staircase leading to two master bedroom suites with a library between them. It wandered back to a kitchen and breakfast room, with a rear staircase to four smaller bedrooms and two baths.  The house swallowed up the furnishings from Toluca Lake and greedily demanded more, and I obliged.”

This is what Marylyn had to say about the San Remo House: ” Our big Georgian mansion was rife with mice!  There was always a piano in the house.  The house was tastefully decorated with beautiful period furniture. Classic French in the living room and beyond, Spanish furniture in the dining room and Mom’s bedroom was art-deco.  Entertainer, Ken Murray lived next door and I used to swim in his pool.”


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Of the Encino House Astor wrote:   I looked around for a place in the Valley, and found a lovely little house on Hayvenhurst set back from the street on an acre all planted in lemon trees. I can hardly remember how it looked then, I built on and altered it so extensively later. Wes and a contractor looked it over and pronounced it to be well built; the price was right; the whole thing was a sensible move. My Valley friends were happy about it, and helped me select shrubs and vines and flowers for the landscaping. I kept the furniture from San Remo that I would need, tagged it for moving, and sold the rest. I stayed at San Remo for a while, until the new bedroom at Hayvenhurst was finished. It was good to be planning something—and the thought occurred to me that this was the first home that I had selected. And it was going to be permanent, I told myself. I’m through moving. Here I shall live, and here I shall die.”


4714 Hayvenhurst