What Marylyn Roh had to say about her stepfather.

When he was with us I dearly loved Manuel.  He was always good to me in his own way if and when I saw him. He was also a playboy and a womanizer; a handsome ‘continental’ type who spoke a few languages and English with a British accent.  He also drank way too much. He was definitely a ‘lady killer’ and flirted right in front of Mom.  Maybe it was a Mexican/Spanish custom to have ‘other women.’  I have to admit, he was gorgeous to look at, dressed well, smelled of aftershave.  I loved the part of him that was kind and gentle. Manuel spoke with a warm, friendly British accent and had a very sexy voice. My name sounded like Medalyn. Even Mom took on the accent after a while.  My mother divorced him when he was in the Royal Canadian Air Force in England because he wasn’t dependable and not a “husband,” but more of a lush and an opportunist that she couldn’t maintain anyway with her career.  After he finished his stint in the service, he remarried and lived in Europe and then England where he became a top film editor.  He died in 1969 at age 55.


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