HOMES – 1930s

This what Astor’s daughter had to say about the Toluca Lake house: “I called it then ‘Tooka Lake.’  The Toluca Lake house was really very handsome; Spanish style with lots of tiles and a fountain in the enclosed front patio. Flagstone paths. Inside it was furnished in Dad’s taste: heavy dark Spanish decor—curvy tables and chairs and dark wood. Mom had her own space; art deco, etc. The house overlooked the lake, but separated from it by a lawned yard and wire fencing.  There was a kind of pool about 4’x6′ in the lawn near the lake. I used to romp around in there for fun, under supervision, of course.  There were swans there which scared me so much with their hissing.  Fortunately there was the fence at lakes’ edge but groups of them seemed to park right there where I played in my little pool.  During the summer months at Toluca,  there were umpteen bullfrogs in the lake that would loudly croak at night.  Sometimes I refused to go to bed because I was so afraid of their noise. It was so scary!  Bob Hope and Bing Crosby lived down the street on Valley Spring Lane and Mom and Dad jogged down that street in the mornings before work.”


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